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The AI-Powered Learning Platform for Medicine

Study less. Remember more. Education that adapts to you.

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Empowering medical students and doctors across hundreds of institutions

Row of institutions with students using Synaptiq
Row of institutions with students using Synaptiq
Row of institutions with students using Synaptiq

Designed for Learning Medicine

Reinforce Concepts with AXON·AI

AXON·AI is a safe and powerful medical tutor, powered by GPT-4 and built atop a repository of 100,000+ physician-vetted medical facts.

Cutting-Edge Algorithms

Put your personalized review schedule on autopilot with evidence-backed spaced repetition algorithms optimized for medical education.

Trustworthy, Publisher-Grade Content

Flashcards, practice tests, and free-response questions are built from the most reliable possible sources, like publishers' textbooks and medical school curricula.

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Debebe Theodros

Debebe Theodros, MD, PhD

Neurosurgery Resident Physician
Stanford, CA
"Synaptiq is my go-to resource for learning and reviewing the large amount of material to cover in neurosurgery..."
Savannah Shumock

Savannah Shumock

Second-Year Medical Student
San Francisco, CA
"I personally love Synaptiq. It has made my studying for medical school way more efficient."
Patrick Lawson

Patrick Lawson, PhD

Doctorate in Human Factors & Applied Cognition
Philadelphia, PA
"Synaptiq […] considers the science behind every little detail, leading to a hugely improved learning experience."

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From must-know info to minutiae, choose the level of detail that's best for you.

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Track your progress. Build your streaks. Make excellence a habit.

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For the night owls who want to learn day and night.

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Deck Sharing

Collaboratively build and share decks with your peers.

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Algorithm Tuning

Customize your study experience and make your own review shedules.

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Controller Support

Take your study game to a whole new level with controller support.

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